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Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch: Your Ultimate Source for Quality Cabinets

Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch

Find top-notch cabinet brands and beautiful countertops at Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch in Austin, Texas. Experienced kitchen designers are available to bring your vision to life with functional design principles.


Choose from various cabinet options and hard surface countertops that fit your needs and budget. Call to schedule an appointment or visit the showroom to explore the possibilities. Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch aims to provide quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent service for customers across the metro area.

Cabinet Options


Joanna Gaines, known for her impeccable design style, incorporates a variety of cabinet types in her projects, including:

  • Shaker-style cabinets: Featuring clean lines and a minimalistic design.

Custom cabinets offer high-quality materials and extensive customization options, while stock cabinets are more budget-friendly but with limited customization.

Custom cabinets tend to be pricier due to the use of premium materials and extensive customization options, stock cabinets are more affordable but offer less flexibility in design.

Make your dream kitchen a reality with the right cabinet options at Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch. Choose from a range of cabinet types used by design icon Joanna Gaines, and consider the differences between custom and stock cabinets in terms of quality and pricing. Your perfect kitchen awaits!

Quality And Service

At Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch, we offer top-notch quality, pricing, and service for your kitchen remodeling needs. Our team of experienced kitchen designers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Find affordable top cabinet brands and stunning countertop options to fit your budget.

Materials And Construction

At Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch, we prioritize the use of high-quality materials and impeccable construction techniques in all our products. Our cabinets are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of durability and functionality.

Using only the finest materials, such as Starmark Cabinetry and Waypoint Cabinets, we create cabinets that are not only visually appealing but also built to last. Our cabinets boast sturdy frames, solid wood doors, and resilient hardware, all contributing to their longevity and strength.

Personalized Design Options

We understand that every customer has unique preferences and requirements when it comes to kitchen design. That’s why we offer a range of personalized design options to ensure that your cabinets perfectly reflect your style and vision.

With the help of our experienced and professional kitchen designers, you can customize every aspect of your cabinets, from the layout and color to the storage features and decorative elements. Our goal is to bring your dreams to life by creating cabinets that are both functional and visually stunning.

Longevity And Durability

Investing in quality cabinets means investing in long-term durability. At Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch, we pride ourselves on offering cabinets that are built to withstand the test of time.

Our cabinets are constructed using robust materials and expert craftsmanship, guaranteeing their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. With proper care and maintenance, your cabinets will retain their beauty and functionality for years to come.

Moreover, our commitment to providing exceptional service extends to the durability of our products. Should you encounter any issues or concerns, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch

Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch

Location And Showroom

When it comes to finding the perfect cabinets for your home, location and showroom play a vital role. The Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch is conveniently located in the heart of Highlands Ranch, Colorado. It boasts a spacious and well-designed showroom that provides an immersive experience for homeowners and contractors alike.

Highlands Ranch Showroom Details

The Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch’s showroom is a haven for those seeking inspiration for their kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. Located at a central location, the showroom offers a wide range of cabinet options, from sleek modern designs to timeless classics. The expert staff at the showroom is equipped with the knowledge to guide customers through the selection process, ensuring that they find the perfect cabinets to match their vision.

Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch On Yelp

Discover what customers are saying about the Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch on Yelp. From their experiences with the showroom to the quality of the cabinets, Yelp reviews offer valuable insights for anyone considering a visit. Hear firsthand from homeowners and industry professionals about their interactions with the showroom staff and the exceptional options available at the Highlands Ranch location.

Masterbrand Cabinet Dealer Information

As an authorized MasterBrand cabinet dealer, the Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch offers exclusive access to MasterBrand’s extensive catalog. With a focus on delivering quality, pricing, and service that are all top-notch, the showroom serves as a prime destination for those in search of MasterBrand cabinets. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, the showroom provides valuable resources and information about the wide range of products offered by MasterBrand.


Frequently Asked Questions For Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch

Q: What Cabinets Does Joanna Gaines Use?

Joanna Gaines uses a variety of cabinets, including Shaker-style cabinets, in her own home and on her show “Fixer Upper. ” Shaker-style cabinets are known for their simple, clean lines and minimalistic design.

Q: Where Does Hgtv Get Their Kitchen Cabinets?

HGTV sources their kitchen cabinets from various suppliers and brands featured on their shows.

Q: Why Are Custom Cabinets So Expensive?

Custom cabinets are expensive due to high-quality materials, customization options, and attention to detail, making them more costly than stock cabinets.

Q: Why Are Cabinet Fronts So Expensive?

Cabinet fronts are expensive due to their high-quality construction and durability. They require specialized joinery, hinges, drawer glides, and organizational systems that are built to last for many years. For instance, dove tail joinery in drawers keeps the front and back aligned over time.



Building and remodeling can be an exciting process, but it also involves making important decisions. Our team of experienced and professional kitchen designers is here to help bring your personal vision to life. At Cabinet Warehouse Highlands Ranch, we offer top cabinet brands and beautiful prefabricated quartz, granite, and other hard surface countertops to fit your needs and budget.

Visit our showroom to explore all the possibilities and let us make your dreams a reality. Contact us today to make an appointment or drop by to get started on your kitchen remodel journey.

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